Hearty Ve-Day| Supper Club Photo Gallery

Yesterday, as it is quite impossible not to notice, was Valentine’s Day.

I marked the occasion by cooking up an all-vegan four course menu at my third pop-up supper club at The Waiting Room. The menu celebrated natural aphrodisiacs (which quite possibly made it strange that my Dad attended), and the guest list celebrated all sorts of love, including couples, families, and friends.

So, without any further gushing, here’s a short photo gallery of the love-ly evening!

Hearty Ve-Day Supper Club
14th Feb 2020

Click on the first image to launch the gallery & open the captions!

A huge thank you to everybody who came out to share the evening with me! If you’d like to hear about future pop-events, keep an eye on the blog or join my mailing list here.

3 thoughts on “Hearty Ve-Day| Supper Club Photo Gallery

  1. Having been to one of your supper clubs before, I know how much effort goes into all of your courses.
    Each of these pictures look divine and I’m sure tasted the same!
    I hope your evening was a success!


  2. Having attended all three of your supper clubs I enjoyed every one of your courses all totally different and each one more delicious if that’s even possible
    Anyone who loves vegan food shouldn’t miss the next one
    Tallie you and your food are amazing


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