Sushi, Schnitzels & Sausages | December Favourites

After a hectic start to 2020, I’m finally back on the blog to cast my mind back to last decade and highlight all the best vegan foodie bits I ate in December 2019. Featuring lots of supermarket & chain restaurant goodies, this list is perfect for those of you trying out Veganuary, but given how indulgent my December was, it is probably best avoided by those following a New Year diet! Consider yourself sufficiently warned?…. Then let’s go!


Let’s start as we mean to go on… with chocolate!  Over the festive period, I enjoyed plenty of desserts, but few were as richly satisfying as these chocolate puddings, both from Iceland’s vegan range. The chocolate fondants (top) are delicious, but the chocolate snowflakes (bottom) are on a whole other level. If you’re greedy like me though, make sure you note that the snowflakes need hours and hours to defrost so think ahead and don’t be stuck lusting over a still-frozen dessert!

red velvet.jpg

One pudding that was ready for me to eat it as soon as my grumbling stomach demanded it was this vegan red velvet cake in a jar from Abigail’s Cakes. My boyfriend picked this one up for me from Abigail’s stall in Old Street, London, so I had to let him share it with me. A true travesty.

happy maki 1

Something I had absolutely no intentions of sharing was this sushi burrito (!!!) from Happy Maki. These guys offer up 100% vegan sushi burritos with a choice of fillings ranging from bright rainbow veggie rolls to mock hoisin duck!


That leads me on to the actual king of faux meats. These vegan AND gluten free schnitzels from Like Meat (available at Tesco) are genuinely the best chicken alternative I’ve tried in my three years of veganism. My family can’t stop buying them.

Speaking of feeding the family, I developed a peculiar obsession in December with making chocolate tart after chocolate tart. The two above are an orange & cointreau iteration and a chilli and lime version, for boxing day and new year’s eve respectively. If you also want to bake your way into your family’s affections, you can find my recipe for salted caramel chocolate tart here.


A big hunk of chocolatey goodness that I didn’t have to cook is this beauty of a rocky road from Costa. I almost didn’t believe this could be vegan – a delicious treat including dairy-free chocolate and gelatin-free marshmallows available at one of the biggest chain coffee shops in the country?! You better believe it.


While we’re talking almost too good to be true, I finally got a chance to try the Richmond vegan sausages in December. These bad boys are incredibly meaty – Richmond have really got the texture and taste just right here. Find these in Tesco, and thank me later.


You might not thank me for putting you onto this last entry. Over the wonderfully oil-drenched holiday of Hannukah, I tried out the David Hassel-Biscoff donut from Doughnut Time. These guys have multiple locations across London, and this absolute monster of a donut is just one of their many vegan options, but I might pretend I don’t know all that so that I can’t sabotage my waistline by going back and getting another in 2020…

So, that’s all for this month, and that’s all for 2019! I really enjoyed posting a favourites run-down for every month of 2019, and I hope you enjoyed reading them too. Have a wonderful 2020, everyone!

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