Super Sweet September Favourites

Is there honestly much point in prefacing my blog posts anymore with news that they will include an awful lot of sugar?
Almost certainly not.
But I’m sweet enough to do that for you anyway.

So here you go: this September favourites post is particularly full of dessert-y things. Let’s get right into it.


Let’s start out at the super affordable side of things:
In September, ALDI had an awful lot of vegan food in their special buy section, the absolute best of which was the ‘blonde’ chocolate, which tastes just like how I remember milky bar tasting.
In co-op, the filled donuts (both custard and jam) are vegan and clearly labelled in-store, the former of which I bought to my final picnic of the summer.
On the absolute cheapest end of the scale, IKEA are now selling this vegan soft-serve strawberry ice cream for 50p. 50p!!!!


For a savoury interlude to proceedings, I’ll talk quickly about my visit to Kanishka*, an Indian fine dining restaurant in Mayfair.
I have very rarely eaten curry that didn’t come either in a foil container or straight out of my own kitchen, so this was a really different experience for me, and an absolutely delicious one at that.

*I received my dinner at Kanishka for free, in exchange for posting a review of the experience to my Instagram.


Cakes were not only flying into my mouth this month, but also out of my kitchen.
For a tasting for a client’s wedding next summer, I baked two cakes: peanut butter and salted caramel sponge, and honeycomb brownies.
For an afternoon tea hosted for my Mum’s 50th birthday, I whipped up three more: vanilla sponge, pistachio & strawberry cake, triple chocolate brownies, & mini sticky toffee puds.


Also from my kitchen came yet more food for my catering business.
Two favourites for me were the mixed canapes I made for a client (bruschetta with spinach pesto, chestnut stuffed mushrooms & pasta shells stuffed with smoky roasted pumpkin), and pesto pasta with homemade cashew cheese for my meal delivery clients.


Let’s finish where we started (and where we’ve lingered most of the way through): on three more truly phenomenal desserts:

Vegan waffles with rocky road ice cream & cherry sauce from Simple and Good (which is just the best small, local vegan business ever)
The creamiest, sweetest carrot cake from Road Shack Diner in Peacehaven (which is just the second best small, local vegan business ever)
An adorably mini victoria sponge from Small Batch (which is not vegan, and a slightly bigger business, but still just lovely)


Thank you so much for reading. For any Jews celebrating, I wish you a sweet new year (which this blog post probably counts as a celebration of!), and to everybody else: a wonderful month ahead.

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