Pizza And Ice Cream And Cake – Oh My! | August Favourites

August has been a funny little month. I’ve had a strange time with my mental health, and I had to leave a job early for the first time in my career, but I also hosted my most successful pop-up event to date and ate my way quite gleefully around London’s vegan scene.

So – to dwell, as we all should, on the positives: I’m laying down all my foodie favourites for the month of August, split up neatly into the four key elements of my life… work, pizza, ice cream and puddings…

Let’s get down to business… 

First off and snazziest of all: I got some professional head-shots taken this month, since I am a Big Serious Chef Lady.


As further evidence that I am a Big Serious Chef Lady, I hosted my second supper club at the end of August, where I served up four Asian-inspired courses to 24 guests. I will be posting a full gallery of pictures from the evening this weekend, so stay tuned for that!


24 guests at the supper club was certainly a lot, but it hardly felt overwhelming after spending a few days cooking for 50 (fifty!!) in Tuscany this month. The yoga retreat I was cooking at ended prematurely for me, and I will not be mentioning the company I was working for by name for multiple reasons, but the experience of cooking using fresh Tuscan produce in such a gorgeous setting was certainly unforgettable nonetheless.

Sugar, yes please… 


If I needed a slight pick-me-up upon returning from Tuscany, then Miranda Cafe was there to provide it. They are a vegetarian restaurant in Crouch End, North London who serve up huge slabs of vegan cake like this chocolate peanut butter affair. As with most of the businesses mentioned in this post, you can find a full review of the cafe (even including savoury food options) on my Instagram.


Also providing a sugary shoulder (or crust) to cry on, The Arkley in Barnet serve up a number of vegan desserts, the best of which is this treacle & pecan tart with soya custard.

essential vegab.jpg

Next up is this ultra-gooey vegan chocolate cake from Essential Vegan Cafe. My Instagram review of this Shoreditch-based cafe wasn’t exactly a raving one, but I must say that the cake was rather excellent, and that’s why it’s included here.


Who can resist a “Notella” filled donut?
Definitely not me, anyway…. I picked up this beauty from Happy Donuts on Portobello Road.

I scream, you scream…


Yes, ice cream does need it’s own section separate from the other desserts. This new flavour in the vegan Ben & Jerry’s range is probably even deserving of it’s own post, thank you very much.


The last sickly sweet entry to this list is the Vegan Cornetto. In writing this post, it has become apparent that August may have been an even heavier month than I realised…. but let’s skim right over that fact. My grandma always has these cones in stock for me, and I always say yes to my grandma’s offerings, and that’s that.

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…


Now this, surely, is amore… The possible foodie highlight of August for me was this huge pizza I shared with my partner from Morelli Zorelli in Hove, topped generously with vegan cheese and plant-based pepperoni.


To aid further in poor dieting decisions, M&S had an offer on in August in which one could pick up two pizzas and three sides for £10. Of the vegan options included in the deal, the cauliflower popcorn from the Plant Kitchen range is my absolute favourite.


Last (and possibly least), I visited Mod Pizza in Leicester Square. The pizza isn’t exactly mind-blowing, but I’m a huge sucker for a gimmick, and I love the Subway-style choose-your-own thing they have going on. I love that they offer dairy-free cheese for the same price as the other cheeses even more.

So, that’s my list.

Thank you for reading along, for NOT commenting on my diet in any way shape or form, and for singing along to the list titles in your head. I know that you did.

4 thoughts on “Pizza And Ice Cream And Cake – Oh My! | August Favourites

  1. Wow tallie once again an exciting and informative post and thank you for a mention in it
    The food you made at The Waiting Room for your pop up supper was exquisite and all of you who read tallies posts should look out for her next one I can promise you won’t be disappointed
    Thank you for being you and keep up the fantastic work you do


  2. Brilliant brilliant brilliant post. You amaze me Ms Samuels.

    I’ve put 10lbs just by reading it!!!!

    Seriously thinking of becoming a vegan myself but really need my own personal chef 👩🏻‍🍳. Do you know of anyone 🤔😂


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