July 2019 Favourites | Vegan Food In England, Germany & Holland

July’s monthly round-up was supposed to include vegan food from across oceans, cultures and countries, as I was due to take an all-vegan cruise across the Baltic.

Instead, I got stomach flu the day before boarding, was declared unfit to travel, and stopped off in Hamburg before flying home two weeks earlier than expected.

Now, that’s certainly up there as the most colossal anti-favourite of the month – really, of any month – but in all honesty, it’s not too bad. As I sat down to write this post, I realised that it still separates itself out really neatly into different cities. Far more of them are in the UK than anticipated, yes; but they still proved to be home to a wealth of delicious vegan options.

So let us not dwell on what could have been, and turn instead to sinking our teeth into what was, in a rather geographically varied monthly favourites post:


simple and good
Simple & Good have featured on my blog before, but only ever in the shape of an ice cream cone. In July, I finally tried a proper meal there, in the rather suggestive form of a 12″ Beyond Meat hot dog!


Despite my lofty travel plans, I still found some time to squeeze in a few catering jobs. My favourite of the month was a buffet spread for a group of teachers celebrating the brief relinquishing of their duties the end of the school year.

I made watercress salad, garlic fried bok choi, sweet and sour aubergine, salt and pepper tofu and chilli soy broccoli, then ginger jelly topped choc pots for desserts.


In fact, I enjoyed utilising all those Asian flavours so much that I decided to centre my next supper club around them, too!

Asian Persuasion will be hosted at The Waiting Room on the 31st August, and tickets are available now. Find more details via Eventbrite here. 


Last on my London list is Sushi Mania. We visited for my brother’s birthday and I enjoyed my wakame salad, mixed veggie sushi cone and pickled radish sushi rolls more than I expected to.


bok shop eating

Naturally, we’ll kick off our next city with another image of me stuffing my face. In Brighton, I visited Bok Shop, a fried chicken spot with a shockingly long and delicious vegan menu.


In a slightly classier vein, I also visited Food For Friends, where I enjoyed a fantastic vegan Sunday roast, followed by this decadent delight of a plant-based brownie.


In even sweeter news, I also paid a very quick visit to V360, a beach-side cafe serving up Mr Whippys, ice cream, sorbets, and various baked goods – all the vegan way!


Finally, back to the classy proceedings… and how very classy indeed. Terre a terre  do exactly as they say they do: serve up indulgent, creative, exuberant veggie food.

The picture above was just my starter. I could hardly remember every ingredient and technique present in it after reading the menu, let alone now!



Thankfully, my trip to Amsterdam was planned to take place before the cruise that was never to be, rather than after it – so I still got to indulge in all the best vegan food the city had to offer.

One of my firm favourites was Vegan Junk Food Bar, where I had this strangely beautiful hot dog. You can find a full post about my travels here.

Germany – Various Cities

chilli potato.jpg

Although I didn’t make the cruise, I still spent a few days travelling across several cities in Germany. Not all of the food was the best ever but I garnered an inordinate amount of enjoyment from this soy chilli stuffed baked potato.

germany burger.jpg

Another favourite from the trip was equally as surprising: this tex-mex burger from the short vegan menu of a German road-side diner.



Back home and a little sad, I travelled practically at once to Oxford, where a fantastic Indian feast from Cinnamon Kitchen did a phenomenal job of cheering me up.

I posted a full review of their vegan menu on my Instagram – where you can also find more in-depth comments on many of the places mentioned in this post.


On to another long-held favourite of mine – Happy Friday Kitchen always impresses me, and these gooey chocolate brownies proved a hit with the whole group.

grad desserts.jpg

Finishing on (yet another) sweet note, I enjoyed this duo of lovely vegan desserts at Lincoln College, Oxford for my boyfriend’s graduation!


Okay, so I’ve used those desserts as a Trojan horse for my actual #1 favourite of the month, but I’m sure you can forgive me. My wonderful boyfriend graduated from Oxford University with his Economics masters and, thanks to missing out on the cruise, I was there to see it!

asher's grad.jpg

…. and enjoy the dessert! That’s a decent trade in my book.



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