A Weekend In Amsterdam: The Vegan Guide

I actually visited Amsterdam this week from Monday to Thursday… so the alternative (and correct) title for this post is A Long Weekend Actually Taking Place Only On Weekdays In Amsterdam: The Vegan Guide.

I reckon mine is snappier though, and the big focus on vegan eats remains the same, so I’m going to leave it as is and dive right in to my rundown of all the plant based treats I tried in Holland’s capital, and a little of what I got up to each day. 



To get to Amsterdam, my partner and I took the Eurostar from London (for which we woke up at 4am!) (4am!!!!)

I won’t pretend that we chose this route for environmental reasons (the fare was just a lot cheaper) but vegans and others who are mindful of their air miles might want to travel this way! It was comfy, efficient, and didn’t take all that much longer than flying once you factor in passport control + customs at the airport.

On  the journey, we ate some sandwiches Asher made using Tofurky “turkey” slices, knowing we wanted to save some money to spend in the many vegan restaurants of Amsterdam!



Top of that list was Vegan Junk Food Bar – which is exactly what it sounds like.

We ordered a giant shawarma burger, a hotdog and fries. All of it was stunningly beautiful and came in huge portions. I’ve never seen fast food look as pretty as it does in highly preened and heavily edited adverts!

Everything tasted great, and I left very satisfied. On the slightly more negative side, though, the fries were a little on the small side in Asher’s opinion, and neither of us felt the need to rush back for a second meal.

The food was really great, though – and I’d recommend it without a doubt. They have three locations across the city, too – so VJFB is an easily accessible choice!



For the rest of the day, we took it easy. We strolled around the canals, and then floated across them via a historical boat tour.

We also visited the Rembrandt museum, which takes you on an audio-guided tour of his home, and then picked up some cheap noodles and tofu for dinner.




On Tuesday we visited the Van Gogh Museum (after a mad dash through town, on account of having set my alarm to UK time, which is an hour behind the Netherlands).

Afterwards, we visited Bagels & Beans for vegan cream cheese bagels, followed by pecan pie.

The bagels were delicious, as was the cream cheese – although we did notice that the dairy eaters seemed to get more for their money! The pecan pie was nice, but you could taste the dates it was made with, alongside cinnamon… and not much else. Great place for a quick bite though, with really friendly staff!


In the afternoon, we mooched through the city again, and visited a modern art museum with a particularly interesting photography exhibit on post-Apartheid South Africa.


For dinner, we visited Moaz vegan, a vegan fast food joint offering falafel and shawarma to stuff with your own choice of salad.

I had the mushroom shawarma, which was lovely, and Asher and I shared fries. Everything tastes great and fresh, and this is another businesses with multiple shops across the city.

Reviews complain that the servers are rude and inattentive, which I can’t really dispute. However, it is essentially a self service place, so I struggle to see service as being of utmost importance. The food is good, and goes for a decent price for a filling meal. I’d recommend it without hesitation.




For another budget-friendly meal, we made ourselves a picnic to eat by the canal on Wednesday. We made sandwiches from rye bread (all I want is a good version in the UK…), marinated tofu chunks, salad and a red pepper (I think) dip.



The rest of the day was spent in the Jewish quarter, exploring the old Synagogues.

For dinner, we headed to Terrazen, which offers up Carribbean vegan food. We had a huge plate of just about everything (gyozas, tempeh, fried chickn, stir fried veg, battered sausage… I could go on) which was delicious, if a little confused.

We also got a taco to share, which came with curried cauliflower and chickpeas, and cheese sticks which were wrapped in seaweed and deep-fried. Both of these dishes, in my opinion,are must tries.




On our last day in Amsterdam, we visited the Rejksmuseum which was beautiful, and probably needed rather a bit more time than three hours dedicated to it.

There’s very little foodie content for today (we just shared some fries), but I am on a train to Germany as a write, to make my way onto an all vegan cruise across the Baltic – so stay tuned for far, far more plant based travel goodness soon…


Until then: thanks for a good one, Amsterdam. I reckon I’ll see you again with another gang of hungry vegans soon…

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