Vegan Food Diary: What I Eat On A Weekday VS Weekend

This post is bought to you by…. my own Instagram account! I’ll be starting a new “Food Diary Friday” video series on my IGTV each week from next Friday, but first I thought I’d kick it all off on the blog with a comparison of my daily diet on a weekday vs a weekend.

Please note, this post isn’t intended as a nutritional guideline – it’s just a really honest account of what I ~actually~ eat on two random days on a vegan diet. Let’s go!

Weekday: Tuesday 7th May

scramble week
Breakfast: Tofu Scramble

I have the luxury of working from home for the majority of the week, so I can often enjoy a hot breakfast.
On this day, I had tofu scramble on a toasted bagel with lashings of ketchup, naturally, plus a glass of tropical juice. This is also the meal with which I take my B12 supplement each day.

chocolate week.jpg
Mid-morning snack: Chocolate

As a mid-morning snack after a yoga class, I had a few squares of dark chocolate topped with peanut butter and sultanas.

curry week.jpg
Lunch: Curry

For lunch, I made a saag aloo (hot potato and spinach curry) with a big tortilla wrap for all sorts of scooping goodness.

Snack: Tangerine

I had a mid-afternoon snack on a tangerine. Revolutionary.

Dinner: Bangers and Mash

For dinner, I sunk my teeth right into my White British status and had bangers and mash with some boiled veg and gravy.
The sausages were from the Love Your Veg range at Sainsburys; I made an easy mustard mash; and the vegetables were carrots, peas and broccoli.

Weekend: Sunday 12th May

hummus weekend
Breakfast: Hummus 

In a rather strange reversal of the typical “hot breakfast on weekends” treat, Sunday morning’s breakfast was some french bread topped with hummus, chilli oil and radishes.

bbq weekend.jpg
Lunch: BBQ

For lunch, we had a small family BBQ since the weather was stunning.
This included a green salad with sweet mustard dressing, an orzo pasta salad, bread, hummus, tortilla chips, vegan sausages, and strawberries for after.

Snack: Choc pot

At around 5pm, my sweet tooth started singing to me -very off-key and rather grating – and shut her up with a little choc pot from The Coconut Revolution.

noodles weekend.jpg
Dinner: Noodles

For dinner, I threw some rice noodles into a pan with lots of green veggies (broccoli, peas, beans, spinach) then topped the lot with fresh coriander and cashews, and called it a day.

And that’s my lot!
Be sure to keep your eyes on my Instagram account to see food diary VIDEOS every Friday!

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