Vegan Beauty: My Cruelty Free Hair Care Favs (UK)

Last month I kicked off a vegan beauty series on this blog with my skin care favourites.

Writing that, it was impossible not to feel a bit like I was just flicking my hair behind my shoulders, sighing beatifically and saying “so who wants to be like me?”

Instead of evaluating what that says about my self esteem, I’m going to flick that hair right back again and fill you in on my vegan hair care favourites. Here we go:


Extracts Coconut & Sweet Almond Shampoo and Conditioner.
95p each

It’s only right to start off with the products I keep for everyday use (although not actually every day, you mustn’t wash your hair every day or my hairdresser will break into your shower and wrestle the shampoo from your grip… probably)

The coconut & sweet almond shampoo and conditioner are part of Superdrug’s own-brand range which never tests on animals, and these products are both labelled clearly on the back as suitable for vegans. What’s more, they cost NINETY FIVE PENCE a bottle. 95p!

I believe they used to be on sale for around £2, so this may be a current offer: snatch them up now if you’re interested! The scent isn’t particularly strong, but the coconut makes my hair feel lovely and soft, and this product is a real cheap and cheerful cruelty free fix.

kind natured

Kind Natured Argan & Kukui Oil Super Shine Shampoo and Conditioner 
£4.99 each

For a more intensive hair-repair session I turn to the Kind Natured Super Shine shampoo and conditioner, which are labelled right there on the front as suitable for vegans. Nice. And the bottles can be composted. Double nice.

These products again don’t have a particularly strong scent in my opinion, but I do feel like they leave my hair feeling a bit more intensively taken care of after use.

At £4.99 they’re a slightly more expensive option, but by no means bank breaking, and can be picked up in Boots.

argan oil

Argan Hair Therapy 10-in-1 Multi Purpose Oil Spray

Onto a non-shampoo or conditioner product, I like to spritz my hair with the Superdrug own brand oil spray after each wash.

I would normally be very, very wary of something which purported itself to be 10-in-1 (I am not a proponent of the whole 3-in-1 body wash, shampoo, and conditioner thing), but when taken simply as a spray-on oil treatment, this does the trick for me. I like the fresh smell it leaves, and it de-tangles and smooths my hair down a treat.

faith in natureFaith in Nature Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner
£5.49 each

Finally, I have these Faith in Nature Coconut shampoo and conditioners in miniature version from a gift set which is no longer on sale, so I cannot say how much these 100ml bottles cost, but the 400ml equivalent can be picked up for £5.49 in Holland & Barret. They’re on sale in multiple places, though, including Oxfam stores, and I often see discounts for them online, too.

I use these for travel, obviously, and they smell glorious and leave my hair the softest of all the products on this list.

My main reason for including this product, though, is for those trying to reduce their plastic consumption. At many different different independent stores selling this product, “refill” stations have been set up using big 5L bottles of the product, so you can continue to use your one bottle and avoid buying more plastic. Perfect! Faith in Nature have compiled a list of all the stores offering this service here.


So those are my cruelty free, vegan, and (somewhat) environmentally conscious hair care favourites available here in the UK. Let me know your top picks in the comments below!

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