Subs, Sausages & Supermarket Finds: Vegan Highlights of April 2019

My belly and my business continue to grow at a steady rate. Check out my vegan highlights from the month of April:


This month Subway UK finally came through with a solid vegan option – a vegan patty consisting of red pepper, onion, spinach, chilli and garlic, plus a Garlic Aioli. Just make sure when you order you go with either Italian or Hearty Italian for your bread (the two superior options, in any case).


The Chic’n chunks at M&S are tasty, versatile, and have a name that sparks intense anger in my Grandfather: “they’re not chicken!” and they are delicious.


In April, I had one of my biggest catering jobs to date – a second night Seder for 80 guests at the Jewish Vegetarian Society, and I wrote a piece for the JC about it, which you can read here.

To the brief of Vegan and Kosher for Passover, I made roasted cauli bites, smokey sweet potato wedges, cashew sour cream, roasted beetroot dip, tomato salsa, guacamole, mango & mint salsa, and a spicy Asian slaw. I also made a trio of desserts featuring a lemon, lime and mint sorbet, salted caramel choc pots complete with fresh mint and matzo brittle (above), and a rhubarb and apple matzo crumble (a recipe which I’ve adapted for you guys here on the blog)

prezzo pasta

Prezzo’s vegan menu continues to fall a few steps behind that of the other major Italian chains, but the aubergine pasta I had, and my friend’s arabiata both hit the spot.


April bought us a long weekend of bright (and scary) summery weather, which I took full advantage of to enjoy a few BBQs featuring rainbow salads, tofu skewers and vegan sausages aplenty.


Speaking of sausages, these Cumberland Shroomdogs from the Love Your Veg range at Sainsburys are a stand-out favourite of the month – very rich and peppery.

vegan mayo

Those sausages might not be quite so delicious without Follow Your Heart’s Vegenaise, which I tried for the first time this month and is now probably my favourite vegan mayo. My meat-eating Grandma is even on a mission to purchase some for herself after trying it!

vegano italiano

Even though my supper club ‘Vegano Italiano’ is happening on the 25th May, I can’t help but include it here, as I got everything finalised in April, including the 4-course menu, the food styling design, the lovely vintage tearoom venue, and the event page, which you can go to now for tickets!

mushroom starter (1)

I enjoyed a three-course meal at The Orange Tree, and wrote up an ultra-honest review in full which you can read here. 

six roast.jpg

From one honest review to another: I tried the veggie roast at Six in Brighton this month, and I have to be totally honest in saying that the restaurant as a whole wasn’t quite for me. The menu marked things as G for gluten free, VG for vegan, and NC for naughty choice! I really don’t rate that sort of dangerous language around food. Equally as agitating to me personally was the soundtrack they played which comprised entirely of slow acoustic pop covers. Not for me, I’m afraid.

Still, I couldn’t leave this roast off of my list, because despite my general irritation with my surroundings, my plate of food was SO. BLOODY. DELICIOUS. We’ll call it even, Six.


On to what I’m sure Six would be chomping at the bit to brand a ‘naughty choice’, with this (vegan, obviously) chocolate fudge cake my boyfriend and I made for my buddy, his sister’s, birthday.


In April I became an official featured author and recipe creator over on One Green Planet, which is a vegan site I used to find tasty recipes when I first transitioned to veganism! How’s that for a circular narrative?


Another supermarket favourite perfect for the BBQ are the Meatless Farm Co burgers, which I picked up at Sainsburys (and which I often see on offer there)


Pizza Express introduced a few new items to their vegan menu recently, including a ‘Mezze’ pizza complete with hummus. My boyfriend liked it, but I stuck with a classic vegan Giardiniera instead.

I included Beelzeburger in my March favourites post, and in April I decided I couldn’t get enough and visited their original restaurant, Beelzebab, and enjoyed these chick’n poppers and chilli cheese loaded fries. So, so very good.

article at ogp

Here I go including a favourites list on my favourites list – it’s all very meta. My double-baked chilli cauliflower recipe made its way onto this list of top vegan recipes over on One Green Planet this month. Cauliflower and I are very honoured.

Let’s bring this bad boy full circle and end on another vegan sub – the Italian Style Cold Cuts Sub is by far my favourite offering from Tesco’s Wicked Kitchen range. The textures and flavours are perfectly balanced, and I love to find a genuinely interesting vegan grab-and-go option in a supermarket.

That’s my list. What have you been enjoying throughout April?
I’ve clearly been eating plenty, so let me take a little break from that to cook for you in May: come to my supper club Vegano Italiano on the 25th!

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