Pancakes, Pizza & Puddings: Vegan Favourites of March 2019

March was one heck of a month for my belly and for my business, so I’ll dive straight into a pretty long list of vegan food-y highlights!

vegan society

I have to kick it off with a not-very-humble brag, as right at the start of the month I was featured on the Vegan Society website as a guest blogger. That’s the group who invented the word vegan in the 1940s!



A favourite you can sink your teeth into a little more comes in the shape of the ‘Plant’ burger from Honest Burgers.

That’s a Beyond Meat patty, vegan smoked gouda, all the trimmings and rosemary salted chips. I also got onion rings and a mint lemonade because this was a belated birthday trip and I truly can’t help myself.



March also saw Pancake day, and with it, three opportunities to convince my loved ones of the deliciousness of a vegan pancake.

My three stacked plates featured blueberry pancakes with banana; plain pancakes with carrot ‘bacon’ and maple syrup; and caramelised apple pancakes with blackberries and cinnamon sugar for the day itself.


food hygiene.jpg

 In even more exciting Tallie’s Cruelty Free Kitchen news, I had my first health and safety inspection, which came back with a perfect 5 STAR food hygiene rating!


papa johns (1).jpg

This month, I finally got to try a vegan pizza from Papa Johns. I opted for the ‘Garden Party’ with vegan sheese, and sheese louise, it was tasty!


burgers and fries (1).jpg

You will notice that the more excited I am to eat my food, the worse my picture of it comes out. That’s my excuse for this shoddy picture of my meal at Beelzeburger in Brighton, anyway.

One of the burgers captured here (in literally none of its glory) is a deep fried mac and cheese burger. Read that again – a deep fried mac and cheese burger!



This month, I started a mailing list of staff at a local school, who I make a take-home meal for once a week. So far, I’ve made smoky sweet potato, kale and chickpea stew with spiced cous cous, and mustard-mash topped shepherd’s pies.

I’m going to be expanding this venture to other local offices and schools soon, so if you work in North London feel free to shoot me an email to see if you can join!



Somehow the healthiest entry on this list concerns lunch at Wagamama. I tried the Avant Gard’n bowl, complete with vegan egg (!), plus a pile of veggie tempura. I’m really impressed with the ever-growing vegan menu of this chain!



Let’s end on a sweet note, with afternoon tea at The Waiting Room for Mother’s day. I had a fully veganised offering, with peppermint tea, four different finger sandwiches, scones, and two big old portions of cake: a rich chocolate sponge and a nutty carrot cake.

You may also hear some more regarding The Waiting Room in the future, but you’ll have to come back and read my April favourites for that…

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