5 Easy Vegan Meals I Eat Every Week (Breakfast, Lunches, Snack + Dinner)

A long intro would completely destroy the point of this post on quick, easy vegan meals I eat every week, so let’s waste no time in getting right into it (she says, typing the longest sentence ever used to say I won’t bang on for long).

Breakfast: Smoothie Bowl

Throw some frozen berries, plant milk or juice, a banana, and maybe some cheeky peanut butter into a blender.

Drink your smoothie as it is, or if you’re anything like me and drinking a meal makes you overwhelmingly sad, just pop it into a bowl and heap toppings over it.

My favourite toppings include granola, raisins, chopped dates, berries, chia seeds, and – when no-one’s watching – some dark chocolate.

Lunch: Pesto pasta 

The food of childhood, of university life, and of dozy adulthood. That essentially makes pesto pasta the food of life – a title well earned, in my opinion.

You can buy vegan pesto in most supermarkets now, but they are pretty pricey. I always opt to whizz up my own – it only takes some fresh basil, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. I also often like to add a big handful of kale or spinach to pack in extra veggies, or some nutritional yeast for that good, good umami flavour with a side of B12.

Lunch: Burrito bowl

Not to shock any of you too much, but I do actually eat lunch multiple times a week, so I have another lunch-box-friendly meal for you.

Fry up some chickpeas in whatever spices tickle your fancy – paprika, always paprika – and chop up some other goodies while they cook. I like to add avocado, tomato + onion or corn salsa. Leftovers like cauli bites and sweet potato chunks also tend to end up in my bowl.

Snack: Couscous salad


This is my favourite easy snack, because couscous takes 5 minutes in a bowl-full of boiling water, and in that time you can chop up all the veggies you want to throw into it.

I tend to chop up any veg floating about the fridge, some fresh herbs and add that into the bowl with plenty of olive oil. Carbs, veg, fat. Job’s a goodun. If I ever get bored of this one, I just add in some turmeric, spice and raisins. Happy days.

Dinner: Risotto

Granted, risotto does require you to stand over a pot adding stock, but in its essence its a really easy dish – some stock, risotto rice, random veggies that are starting to go unnoticed towards the back of the fridge.

Stir in some white wine or balsamic vinegar, plenty of nutritional yeast, and some margarine for creaminess, and you’ve got an indulgent dinner in 15 minutes.

That’s that on that. None of these are groundbreaking recipes, but they’re meals I turn to week in, week out, and always leave me feeling full and happy.

Whether you’re a vegan stuck for time, or someone interested in reducing their meat intake unsure where to start, I hope you enjoy these easy animal-free meals. Let me know if you make any!

All pictures in this post came from my Instagram, where I post regularly about what I’m eating, so follow me over there for more.

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