Tastiest Vegan Highlights of February 2019

February may be a short month, but with exciting vegan options continuing to stack up across the UK, I didn’t let that stop me from fitting plenty of piled-high plates into it.

Ranging through eating out, home cooked meals, and food from my catering business, join me in taking a bite of my vegan highlights of February 2019.


cookie (1).jpg

Allow me to kick off this list with a fully vegan business – my favourite kind – which sells gigantic vegan cookies – my favourite kind. At the start of the month I enjoyed lunch at By CHLOE in Covent Garden, an import from New York which serves up vegan fast food.

I had their special of the month which was a beet-lentil burger stuffed with oyster mushrooms, kale and avocado, and a giant cinnamon-espresso cookie to follow. I have been thinking about the cookie all month.



In February, I took to the kitchen to test out some new chocolate truffle flavours. In time for Valentines Day, I added these double-chocolate peanut beauties to my year-round line-up, and delivered some extra-special boxes to lovelies across North London.



An anti-favourite of the month came in the shape of a fortnight-long flu which managed to delightfully rear its head on my partner’s birthday weekend.

The highlight part is the plates upon colourful plates of nourishing food I cooked up to take care of my body through the illness. Favourites include this mushroom toast, Thai curry, and mango + cucumber toasted sesame salad. The recipe for the salad can be found on my Facebook page and on Instagram.


frankie and bennys (1)

A vegan favourites list would be totally incomplete without a Frankie & Benny’s mention. Last month they bought out a vegan menu truly chock-a-block with greasy, delicious options for us plant-munching lot.

In two months, I’ve tried the nuggets, the Viva La Vegan Burger (pictured), the chicken parmigiana, the BBQ chicken pizza, and the raspberry chocolate cake (twice). I have absolutely no intention of that being the complete list.


moist (1)

So far on this blog I’ve never ventured towards vegan beauty – aside from clearly being one myself – but I had to mention this lovely face moisturiser from Superdrug. It’s clearly labelled as vegan, leaves my skin beautifully soft, and sends me to bed smelling like fruit punch. Highly recommend.


Glossing right over the distinct anti-favourite that is our planet’s imminent death, I enjoyed the uncharacteristically warm February weather by having picnics in the park three days in a row! The stand-out of these lunches was this sandwich I made featuring a Quorn chicken burger, lettuce, vegan mayo and homemade smokey carrot “bacon” rashers.


waffles (1)

Completing this list, as they complete any good meal, are vegan waffles from Chi Chi’s in Palmer’s Green. These are peanut butter and chocolate topped, and absolutely delicious. I love seeing smaller local businesses offering genuinely exciting and well thought-out options for vegans. Pretty sweet stuff.

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