3 Course Vegan Dinner Party (Event Pictures)

Before I started hosting vegan dinner parties and supper clubs, I had a pretty narrow view of what my average client might look like. If I’d have sketched this idea down then technologically abused a computer until it printed out a polar opposite image, I’d be holding a glossy page showing a 6-ft tall, bearded, meat-eating man in his final year of university. This is who I had over for dinner last week. Six of him, actually.

I was pleasantly surprised when an old school friend (and current regular friend) asked when my next supper club was and whether he could come. I was even more surprised when, told that I offered private dinner parties on request, six guys booked in. That’s, like, a complete set!

I got over my rather ignorant shock, and planned a three-course menu for them to come and enjoy. The only guidance I was given was that they wanted to try my  peanut butter tofu (steady on), so I settled on a pan-Asian theme and got cooking. Here’s what I made:


To Start: Sticky Sesame Cauliflower Bites

I started with what I thought was a safe option – people tend to love cauliflower bites, and they’d gone down a treat at my last event. As it turns out, one of my guests had literally never eaten cauliflower in his life. Oh.

I hoped for the best and served up double-baked cauli bites coated in a sticky sesame sauce. My risk that I hadn’t realised was a risk paid off and the starter was widely considered the stand-out course. Phew.

better pad thai

Main Course: Peanut Tofu Pad Thai

Next, I served up a Pad Thai topped with chilli peanut tofu. I may not have chosen tofu for the main had it not been requested, so I’m so glad it was – the guys polished off the tofu on their plates and the extra bowl I’d put out on the table. Does that make it sound like six grown men ate a china bowl for dinner? Maybe. Did they? Maybe.

The recipe for the peanut tofu that was so enjoyed can be found featured on my blog here. You’re welcome. I have not got any recipes for ‘bowls’ up currently, but a search of ‘bowl food’ may return some results.


Something Sweet: Ginger, Lemon & Poppy Seed Cake

For dessert, I served up slices of cake so large that they could be used as weapons (that is, if they weren’t so light and airy – whoever made them is a culinary genius, thank you very much).

To fit the evening’s pan-Asian theme, I featured the fragrant flavours of lemon and ginger, making a sweet ginger sponge with a lemon drizzle and fresh, citrus-y icing, then decorating with poppy seeds. This cake is considered to be my best yet – a quote which is accredited to my mother, which makes it indisputably true.

I hugely enjoyed cooking for old friends, partly because I am an undeniable show off, but mainly because it was a delight to see people I’d never have expected as clients enjoy my food. If you’ve thought you’re not quite the target market for my plant-based cooking, I may have agreed with you last week, but now I don’t reckon you’ve got any excuse. Get in touch for bookings throughout 2019!


Hello friends! As most of you won’t have noticed, I’ve been absent from this blog for the best part of a month, enjoying the festive season with family and friends.

I’m back now, and I have lots of exciting stuff planned for this year. Like, really, I’m going to get a scab from constantly pinching myself. So, I’ll keep posting all my usual content, but I’ll also be making monthly blog posts show-casing a few of my jobs from the month, the vegan food I’ve been loving out and about, and some of the best dishes I’ve cooked. I hope all of your new years are as full of hope and excitement as mine. See you soon!

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