Inside A Vegan Cookery Class (Picture Slideshow)

Recently, I popped on my chef’s hat to teach a group of teachers a vegan cookery class as part of a well-being day at their school.

Finally, the talking enthusiastically over my chopping board as though a Food Network crew are catching this all shtick I’ve perfected over the years came in handy.

The workshop covered aquafaba meringues, vanilla sponge cupcakes, and coconut whipped cream, which all came together to make Eton mess cupcakes. Accepting that one should probably eat dinner before tucking into dessert, we also made Thai green curry, learning how to make the curry paste from scratch along the way – the recipe for which I have featured here for those feeling left out.

Since pictures can speak a thousand words – and readers of my blog will know I could easily write about 10 pictures’ worth given the opportunity – I will let pictures of the participants’ fantastic food tell the rest of the story:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am available to book for private cookery lessons or group workshops – this one came about because someone on the staff wellbeing committee had seen my blog! Definitely get in touch if you’d like me to visit your school, workplace or home – I’m sure to turn up with an exciting vegan menu, cookery knowledge and fresh ingredients in tow.

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