Vegan Autumnal Spread (Event Photos)

Last week I catered for a surprise party, meaning I feel like I should be whispering these words into voice-to-text to materialise in size 2 font for this post. I just don’t want to ruin the surprise!


Thankfully, I won’t need to invest in an encryption service to write this out. The surprise was a huge success – I haven’t seen shock quite like it since I, very intelligently and definitely deliberately, wiped down a plug socket with a wet sponge.

‘Surprise!’ shouted, sunshine making an unexpected October appearance, and kids sat in the garden ready for their entertainer, the parents made their way inside to enjoy the food.

spread real

The lovely hostess of the party gave me this to go on: she’d seen a picture of a roasted squash dish with smokey velouté on my blog that looked delicious. However, she was after cold salad-y bits for the party. Easy. I dreamt up a super-greens salad version of the dish she’d spotted, and formed the rest of the spread around that. Here it is:

squash salad
Roasted squash, orange, spinach and wild rocket salad with a smokey dressing. 
mushroom filo.png
Mushroom and harissa filo parcels
cauliflower (1)
Spiced roasted cauliflower and kale with pomegranate seeds
Flatbreads and rose harissa dip

This post comes six days after the SURPRISE. You know, just to be safe. I know my most avid readers are eight-year-old boys, hitting refresh every few minutes in the hopes of news of my latest event materialising before them. Well, here it is, kids. I hope you enjoyed!

spread 3

If you have an event coming up, get in touch! Every menu I create is bespoke and designed around your tastes and needs. Plus, I’m really good at keeping any surprise element under wraps…


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